Objective:- To advocate for the  availability of and  access to health services and meaningful HIV programming for ITGNC persons in  EA.

Strategies In Place:-

  • Strengthen capacity of policy makers and healthcare providers.
  • Engagement in key health policy development forums such as the EAC.
  • Health & HIV Advocacy
  • Regional healthcare provision
  • Promote integration of ITGNC in Key Population focused HIV programmes in the region.

Activities In Place:-

  • Conduct regional forum on health & HIV access for EA ITGNC community targeting policy makers & healthcare workers in the region.
  • Conduct regional forum on health & HIV access or availability for EA ITGNC community for sensitization, information sharing, report launches and idea exchange
  • Participate in regional health/HIV focused forums, meetings and conference
  • Conduct media (social media, web, tv, radio) advocacy on need for healthcare provision for EA ITGNC.
  • Act as regional hub for ITGNC healthcare needs such as the Purchase & distribution of hormones in bulk on behalf of members.
  • Promote inclusion and integration of HIV programming into organisations’ members plans and develop, write & disseminate regional model strategy & toolkit on health & HIV availability, access,awareness and service provision.
  • Create a guide on gender affirming services in the region.