Sabi, before (right) and after (left) the Sex Change Operation


Sabi, born as MK Giri, had joined the Marine Engineering Department of the Indian Navy at Visakhapatnam as an 18 years old young man in 2010. However, she never quite felt she belonged to the body she was born in, and her feelings grew stronger after she joined the Indian Navy. A few years into service, Sabi decided she had to undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) and become a woman.

She initially contacted the doctors within the Navy at Visakhapatnam, who refused to help her. She then decided to consult a private psychiatrist and psychologist in Visakhapatnamin 2016, who diagnosed her with Gender Identity Disorder. Armed with the medical opinion, Sabi took 22 days leave from service and went to Delhi to have her SRS. Her sex change operation was successfully completed on 26th October 2016 and she came back to her naval base after 15 days.

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