This is a report on the current situation of ITGNC people in Kenya on the violation and discrimination of their human rights 2018-2019.

This report highlights the big steps that we as the ITGNC community in Kenya have made in fighting for our rights and also making the space safe and better for our existence. It also acknowledges the organizations and individuals that continue to create awareness of ITGNC people in the communities we come from.

ITGNC people need to be treated with respect and dignity just like everyone else. There needs to be freedom from discrimination, violence, stigma, hate that are directed at ITGNC people because of their gender identities. This Kenyan report shows us that it is possible to live healthy and happy and exist as ITGNC people even through the struggles that we may face in our daily lives.

For more information, here is the complete report ; Situational Analysis on ITGNC persons in Kenya July 2019