As a non-profit institution, we rely on donor funding to conduct our work. Majority of our funding is received from private funders and organizations such as RFSL, Arcus Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Hivos, COC Netherlands and UHAI EASHRI.

While such funding fuels majority of our work, some of the work we want to do cannot be funded by these donors.

We invite you to support our work!

Our current fund, EATHAN HRT Fund, is a fund meant to provide safe, accessible and more importantly, FREE gender affirming hormone therapy for our constituency. We serve a community of over 1,000 trans, intersex and nonbinary persons in East Africa, covering Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Being trans diverse in these countries is difficult. We live in a society that is heavily drenched in patriarchy and supposed ‘African cultural beliefs/norms’.

A majority of us struggle to be ourselves in this society. Born in bodies that don’t match our identity is one of the most difficult things to live with. The one major way we can try and align our bodies with our identities is with gender affirming hormone therapy. Hormone therapy has proved to be most effective in alleviating gender dysphoria – the mental condition that plagues almost all of us. Through effective hormone therapy, many of us will be able to exist in this society living in our truest form. We will be seen as we are, and not as we were assigned. We will have better access to social amenities, jobs, housing and other things that many of those unlike us often take for granted.

This fund will go a long way towards providing this much needed service to the multitude of trans diverse folk who desperately need it. We will also use this fund in conducting an extensive research that will look at the effects of gender affirming hormone therapy on trans diverse East Africans over the course of a year to 3 years post beginning of therapy.

All donors will be kept updated on the progress of the fund and its activities.



Your support will be highly appreciated!